Fishing on Lake Wildwood and Lake Tanglewood

Both lakes are stocked with Small mouth and Largemouth bass, Hybrid Stripers, Northern Pike, Crappies, Blue gills, Catfish, Walleye, Bullheads and Muskies.

Lake Tanglewood is restricted to self-propelled or electric motor boats only, and is ideally suited to fishing year-round. An extended cold snap during the winter season can rapidly freeze Tanglewood; most years you can count on a nice, long ice fishing season.

Lake Wildwood has an extensive no wake zone at the southern end as well as within its many coves to accommodate fishermen. Several locations have been cultivated with submerged brush to provide optimum conditions for habitat and feeding. A fish cleaning facility and bait shop can be found on the waterfront near the boat launch at the marina.

For more information on the current fishing regulations go to the Lake Wildwood website at www.lake-wildwood.com