About Us

Mark Durham here; Welcome to Durham Outdoors Photography. Many of my photos were taken in and around the Lake Wildwood area where my beautiful wife Tammie, and I, have lived, worked, and raised our family since 1985. We both grew up near here, Tammie in Lostant, and me in Wenona. My parents bought property here back in the early 1970's and I've been hanging around and enjoying this wonderful Lake and all the quality of life it offers ever since.


I've always been an avid outdoorsman, loving nature, the scenery, and all of the wildlife. Around 2010 I bought a DSLR camera and took up the hobby of amateur digital photography, hoping to capture some of this area's beauty. Like all endeavors, I've been learning as I go. Hopefully, the best is yet to come. On the main menu page there are links by category where I have posted and shared, not all, but many of my best pictures on Facebook for all to see. I've downsized the pictures, (sacrificing some quality), but making them more manageable sizes for faster viewing. If you find any photos you would like to own, I have all the original, full resolution images available for sale as professional quality matted prints in any size. Also on the main menu page you'll find a link to my "Contact" page. I hope you will enjoy the photographs as much as I do.  

Thank You, Mark  

"Let Us Hang Some Beauty In your Life"